Monday, September 5, 2011

365 Day 248

ahhhhhhhhhhh...that's more like it!

It feels SO good to work with plaster cloth again -- it seems like it was ages ago!

So I only have the one tomato cage that is the correct size for these balls. I will be hunting down more in a few days.

Ha -- I snatched the barcode tag off of this one to take with me to the store!

In a combination move of being lazy-ish and wanting all of these to turn out the same way, I only connected the balls and "neck" with masking tape instead of covering the entire piece before starting with the plaster cloth.

I had some leftover 8" wide plaster cloth (by a different company than I use now) and I attached the balls and neck together.

Another shot...this is the direction I work in.

I read somewhere once that if you cut the plaster cloth into triangles, it will conform to any shape.

It sure works for me this way.

close up of triangles...this is still the 8" wide stuff.

Fast forward to done-for-tonight time...a couple of hours later.

There is definitely a family resemblance, but this one's ears are not the same...I couldn't position them right. I took them off and repositioned them two times (each ear) and that was enough.

It sort of looks (at this moment) (to me) that the two guys in the background are the parents and this is an adolescent one -- of whatever they are.

But who knows...I sure don't. I have three more to make and I have no idea what I will do with them in the next stages. This is only the very first thin layer. The hold-it-all-together layer.

OH -- and how does my studio look after working on this guy? Did it get all messed up again after straightening it up (not done yet, btw) for two days?

Nope! I cleaned up my mess!

Ready for the next one!
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