Monday, September 26, 2011

365 Day 269

okay...I am starting to remember now

Wow. See -- I really do forget how to do things when I haven't done them in a while. You'd think I've made enough Tookies to remember...but, no. I worked on this little stinker for two and a half hours...then it started to come back to me.

I have been stitching, removing thread, stitching, removing yarn, cutting, shaping, cussing, stuffing fingers, unstuffing, making a teensy hat, discarding it, doing the hat again, deciding to ditch the hat idea...argh! (I like the little hat(s)...I made one Tooky once with a little hat...I just am not willing to do this twenty or twenty-five times.)

Okay. The face isn't bad.

I haven't made a Tooky with two seams in a long, long time.

I forgot how to get a reasonably straight body/side seam. This is not the way.

I usually fold the edges under and sew a holding sort of seam, but I didn't remember doing that on the two-seamers because there just isn't that much room. Hmmm.

This must be one of the reasons I went with the one-seamers for Art-o-mat...LOL. This is very frustrating for a normally non-sewing person.

This is not the correct yarn for the side seams...duh!

After I spent forEVER on this, I remembered this is the wonderful, soft yarn for the bottom edge where your finger goes in because it feels soooo nice.

Note to self:

Yeah. This is how NOT to make a Tooky, Took!

Look back at this next time you can't remember how to get started -- and let this be a lesson to you!

I might play around with making another finger puppet tonight, maybe not...but I think I've got it now. I was feeling like I needed to make a much fancier version for the Northville Art House Holiday Market -- with a hat or some kind of added item, but I am seeing that two seams ARE fancier than the regular Art-o-mat Tookies. Too many more details or add-ons will make the puppet too top heavy and might invite younger kids to try and take the hat off...not a good idea.

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