Friday, September 2, 2011

365 Day 245


That is all I have to say for myself. Yikes!

I have allowed myself to bring stuff into the studio without having a purpose/space/project for it.

I have started too many projects without getting them to a manageable stage of doneness.

Okay, it was already getting iffy in here, but I know what started the snowball of clutter rolling down the hill at high speed.

It began with these three cabinet frames that we pulled off of somebody's curb...I thought I was going to fix them up and make magic out of them.

There were two problems with that plan.
1. I waited too long and lost my focus.

2. People put things out on the curb for a reason sometimes. True enough, sometimes you can find wonderful things. This is not one of those times.

Upon closer inspection (today, in the studio) I can see that they really are beyond wonky and the wood is all broken up...bad demolition job...they are beyond fixing up...unless you are a master cabinet maker or which case you'd most likely just build something nice and not bother with these scraps.

Shortly after dragging the cabinets into the studio my old computer died, leaving the carcass that is now parked on top of the dead cabinets. Then it really started there are deep drifts of cool stuff and partially finished/just started projects all over the place and I have nowhere to work except right at my computer. I mean RIGHT here...or out at the dining room table.

I KNOW I have a major problem with wanting to bring things through the door and just leave them in the first available open space. I know this about myself and for the longest time I was able hear my former therapist's voice saying "put it all the way away." What I am not sure of is why I started ignoring it.

SO...this is my task tonight: I am going to clear the space inside the door/across from my big table. This will allow me to have room to move things off of the table and sort things and begin to put them all the way away. It will also give me access to the closet again.

  • I am going to knock the cabinets apart and put the wood in a box and take it out to the garage...just get it OUT of my studio.
  • I'm going to take the dead computer to the basement and put it somewhere safe until I know what to do with it.
  • And I am going to take the wire "drying racks" and put them where they go.

That is all I am going to aim for tonight. This is doable and I am going to do it.

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Woodie said...

I wriggle with neatness, too. Right now the whole house is a mess because of rushing around finishing up my last show. It feels good tomget things cleaned up and working on projects is so much smother, then too! Looksmlikemprogress is being made. Good luck!

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