Saturday, September 24, 2011

365 Day 267

button sorting day

It's coming on "making-more-Tookies-finger-puppets" time again. I am making some slightly fancier ones for Northville Art House's Holiday Market and the regular ones for Art-o-mat.

I am very excited to have gotten all of these buttons late in the spring this year at insanely low prices on sale at Michael's. Nutsy prices...I couldn't not buy them, but they have waited for sorting until today.

There are two different companies and many different color palettes and shapes.

After I started sorting these primary color ones I discovered that there were actually two shapes to each color...double the sorting.

One button has a dip and one is roundy.

Sorted! Now to bag them.

This is the other company's buttons. They are slightly thinner and have slightly larger holes. They are all the same as far as the surfaces go.

Within the four color combos there was only blue from the pink/green/blue/brown set and the really turquoisey blue from the fruity-colored set that overlapped. ALL of the other colors were different.

Blues...with crossovers.

The rest of them.

Now back to the other company with powdery colors and some checkerboard buttons.

Dayum...that company again...dippys and roundys.

NOW...onto the shapes.

I just sorted these into shapes, not colors.

Whew -- all done with the buttons.

Tomorrow -- the new gloves!!!

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