Saturday, September 17, 2011

365 Day 260

thinking about changing directions...
There are way too many reasons why I am never going to be able to have my own real-life goat.

I really really LOVE goats, though.

photos from two SASHA Farm visits, one in 2009 and one in 2008

But after looking across the room at this plaster cloth guy all last night and now for most of the day today, I think maybe I could change directions with him and go from Ibizan hound-like creature to goat-like creature.

This is the first stab at making the changes. This is probably going to take a while and there will be many alterations but I am relatively optimistic about this turning out pretty well. I just need to take some time with it.

I also need to be patient and accept the basic structure that is already with what I have to work with.

The former ears for the sighthound will determine the horns for the goatish guy...but I can move the direction and change the size of the horns.

I can also reposition the ears and make them different.

Oh that handsome chappy, Hershey!

I really love goats!

Off to a "not-so-bad-for-the-first-draft" try.

Maybe this plaster cloth goat-like guy can be my Capricorn boyfriend...LOL.

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