Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tooklet for my niece

time out to make a Tooklet for my niece

We are celebrating my niece Devon's birthday on Friday. My sister Sue and I are taking Devon out to lunch and then to Curl Up & Dye Salon for manicure/pedicure, make-up, color & cut. We also got her a few things from her wish list at the motorcycle shop she goes to and I made her this Tooklet. I hope Devon likes him!

Devon's favorite color combo is red and black. I only have a couple of red and black sections left.

This is the first tail I have tried to attach TO a monster...instead of inserting a tail into a hole and then using the tail to close up the hole.

1 comment:

Armored Hearts said...

If you make another red and black Tooklet, I'd be up for a trade or a flat out purchase, those are my favorite colors too!

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