Friday, September 16, 2011

365 Day 259

Goats Day!!!

Man...I was in goat heaven today!

My sister Sue's friend Terri has 14 wonderful goats. I took 85 photos with the point-and-shoot camera and 243 with the bigger digital 35mm camera. You can see 51 of the photos from both cameras HERE at my Facebook page.

Those goats are all so sweet and very people oriented...they just love attention and love to be held and cuddled.

The goat in the photo above is named Paco. The other goats are: Kelsey, Mamie, Kookie (but pronounced "cookie"), Kenya, Kyia, Spanky, Rosie, Fawn, Arrow, Nyme, Snickers, Dancer, and Hershey. There is also a rescued sheep named Angel Eyes.

On the way home as we drove into Sue's neighborhood, we got to the house that has the Irish wolfhounds. Sue has lived in that neighborhood for I don't know HOW many years and I have never seen any of their dogs -- until today. We pulled over and the lady came to the fence and talked with us. We got to meet her dogs. About a week ago Sue had "warned" me that they currently have a younger dog that is gray and an adult dog that is a light red color. She wanted me to know in case we ever got to see them. And this is why...

I have really been missing my guy Torin. Of all the wolfhounds I had the privilege of sharing my home with, Torin was my soulmate. Gawd I miss him. I have been wrestling with the idea of possibly getting a rescue adult wolfhound if one were to become available. Today, meeting the 16-month-old Fugue and the gorgeous 4 1/2-year-old Toccata (who looks so much like Torin) I realized it is not that I want another wolfhound. I know that I am not physically capable of caring for a dog any longer. But looking into Toccata's beautiful eyes and holding his calm and patient head in my hands, I knew -- for sure -- that I am just missing my Torin.

I still have a gigantic Torin-shaped hole in my heart that will probably never close up.

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