Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 9 - 365/2014

Day Nine

Hey -- we actually had a Second Thursday meet up this month!  Julia did a paper marbling demo and we all had a great time.

Tonight we had:  Jane, Leann, Julia, Janice, Peggy, and me.
Julia shows us examples of the results -- with the fresh ink and the old ink.
Julia loading a brush.
Leann's inks were behaving a little better for the camera.
Janice was really making a lot of marbled papers -- success!!!
One of Peggy's marbled papers.
One of Jane's marbled boxes.
The other marbled box by Jane.
A paper marbled by Jane.
Another one of Janice's marbled papers.
Leann was clearing the ink out of her water tray and this happened and she tossed it to me and said "here, have a fish" -- cool...except I see all kinds of other things, but no fish.  I will make something with this.

Several of our group couldn't make it tonight for many reasons and they were all dearly missed and asked about.  Next time!  And because so many of the absent members said they were sorry to be missing the paper marbling, Julia will demo it again in a few months.
A big Thank You to Julia for the demo and thanks for coming out tonight, guys -- it was great -- as always!

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