Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 13 - 365/2014

Day Thirteen

Today is my birthday -- I am sixty!

The day started out with this marvelous surprise in my mailbox.

Then I went to the Northville Art House to help Patti with some Members Show stuff.  I came home and sent out a few emails.  A bit later my dear sister Sue came over to celebrate with me.

I knew we were going out for a late lunch/early dinner and I thought that was my present...but no -- Sue totally surprised me and blew me away with a really cute card and four fantastic gift cards -- two to Michaels, one to Home Depot, and one all-purpose Mastercard one.  Wow.

Sue and I went to Mr. Thai and Sue had shrimp wonton soup and a noodle dish that looked and smelled divine, a first for her.  I ordered 3 of my favorite appetizers and Tom Ka soup with steamed tofu.  Man...Mr. Thai is really a good choice for a tasty meal...and the owner is so sweet and remembers everything you've ever had there.

Then Sue and I came back to my house and played Yahtzee (with Bootsy in attendance on the table), Sue tackled the really huge and lovely cupcake that Patti gave me yesterday, we played more Yahtzee, and then we took turns randomly reading the "good things" that happened last year...the ones I jotted down and put into a jar.  I think it will be my new birthday tradition.  I saw it last year on Facebook and people were doing it as a new New Years thing...then reading the papers on New Years Eve to ring in the new year.  I like it better for my birthday.

Say "hi" to the camera, Sue!
The huge and very pretty cupcake from Patti...I am sparing Sue all of the goofy pictures that I will show to Patti of the whole cupcake eating adventure.
Bootsy adores his Aunt Sue...he really doesn't want the cupcake crumbs...he just wants to see what Sue's got.
And that wacky guy stayed standing up until Sue came back to the table.

Reading the "happy things" that happened throughout 2013...I kinda fell off of writing them after about 4 months.  I pledge to keep it up ALL year this time!
Towards the end of the evening Twink joined us, too.

I had such a lovely time today.  And so many people have wished me a happy birthday on Facebook.  I am very happy!

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