Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2 - 365/2014

Day Two

It is becoming a riot of color in here -- I am so happy!

The wall area "before" -- I will do something else with my prints.
Today I added more of my Art-o-mat collection to the walls in my studio.  I put little velcro dots on my "Strange Birds" by Elin Waterston.  I scattered the tiny bird quilts around the (insert correct name here: walkway/frame/whatever).  It is wonderful being an Art-o-mat machine host because you can order specific art for your machine -- you can request the art of current artists.  (This will come up again in future posts.)  Elin's "Strange Birds" series came out in several versions over a couple of years.  They were really popular in my machine and I sold out of them quickly every time I ordered them -- hence, I grabbed one or two at a time for my own collection when I could.  There was also a special one that we traded in person at an Art-o-mat anniversary swap meet.  Elin also made a version for an art exhibition that featured one of my machines.  (I am down to one machine again.)

And, by the way, Elin was the person who most influenced me to start a thing-a-day/365 blog.  Here is a link to Elin's blog.  I absolutely love Elin's artwork and I find Elin very inspirational on all kinds of levels.  

Getting ready to place the velcro dots on the backs.
Can you stand it ?!?  These birds are just so wonderful -- I love each one -- they make me smile, big time!
I started out putting two velcro dots on the little quilts, then switched to one dot in the very middle -- can you even tell which one has two dots?
Eeee -- I am giddy -- I am so happy!
Art-o-mat art on display!!!
The new view from my desk!

And you may have noticed that the top of the chest has more items than before.  I also put out more of my collection there.  Quite a bit of these items are no longer available...I have been collecting for a long time.

Some of the 3D items from my collection.

I am so excited to finally start displaying some of my Art-o-mat collection -- I haven't looked at some of this stuff in quite a while -- it's like opening birthday presents!  More to come.


Elin said...

Oh Took! Everything looks so beautiful - I'm honored to be included in your collection.


Took said...

Thanks, Elin!

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