Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 24 - 365/2014

Day Twenty-Four

Today I put magnets on the backs of the my collection of "Penciled In" -- a series I have done for Art-o-mat.  I did the first two editions on my own but I am not very skilled at choosing and applying colors...I have trouble with shading, highlighting, etc.  For the rest of the editions I have had collaborators...Juana Moore, and William Hessian.  In addition, my friend Annabella did one really cool giraffe.  Terri is considering working on the next edition with me, but that is still in the works. are the photos from earlier today.

Back at it...affixing magnets to AOM artwork.
Several editions of "Penciled In"...the first ones were from 2008.
Top row:  Took / Middle row:  Juana Moore / Bottom row:  William Hessian (left) and Annabella (right). 

The newest section of what is turning into a collaborative wall.
It amazes me how different my basic drawings can look depending on who is coloring them.
Eventually I would like to get another decorative powdered metal magnet board, but for now I am happy with this solution.

Tonight I have been occupied with reworking an old collaborative collage that I was never really happy with.  I just couldn't make my part of it work.  I like the dog guy, though and I am sanding the plaque down as close to the wood as I can.  I worked on it with the electric sander tonight but I really can't get any closer to the image with it...I have already had one small accident but I think it is salvageable.

How the piece is looking after the electric sander (and the minor mishap).
I finally came up with another image I think works much better than the collage images I used the first time around.
But this is as far as I have gotten...I think I am done for tonight. 

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Sue Marrazzo said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet little gems of ART!

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