Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 10 - 365/2014

Day 10

Nothing terribly exciting to report for today...mostly errands and prep work for the Animal People collages.  I like to add unrelated lines of text from various sources to the collages and I am going through notebooks tonight and pulling text and phrases and hand printing them as I go along so that I can read them later when I am ready for them.

My current phrases notebook that is just about full.  I must have at least twenty notebooks around the house jam packed with various quotes, bits of conversation, misheard lines from television, lyrics, etc.
The problem sometimes with jotting things down quickly is -- of course -- that when I go back and try to read this stuff  at a later date I cannot make out some of the words...I don't always include where the phrase is from.  I can sometimes piece things together if there is more than one line from a particular source.
Wow -- that typed stack is from my old rubber stamp company.  I made rubber stamps out of a lot of those phrases.  This will be fun to go through...old stuff might be new again.

When I came into the studio to look for a few more text notebooks I started uncovering things in messy stacks on the I tidied/tossed out as I went through them.  This is also the time of year when I gather up unframed artwork of various types to put into the what-should-I-get-framed-next collection.  My sister usually gives me a framing gift certificate for my birthday and it has been on my mind for a few days because she asked what I'd like.  So...some art was "found" and shelves were tidied tonight, too.

Artwork waiting for framing.
Tidied up shelves!

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