Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 11 - 365/2014

Day Eleven

OMG...two things...two incredible things...I am nearly vibrating I am so excited!

Incredible Thing #1 -- While fooling around in the studio today I found these Art-o-mat masterpieces!  

SO happy to see these Art-o-mat pieces again!  The two fox blocks are by Bonnie Pfingst, the Bearded Bunny is by William Hessian, and the zombie Lemmy is by Patrick Harris.


Incredible Thing #2 -- I can't stand it!!!  I have been looking forEVER for this quote from a short film I saw a long time ago...I remember most of it but I could never get the words right.  I haven't ever been able to remember enough details to find it in online searches but tonight while I was still going through old phrases/quotes/text from various sources I FOUND IT!!!

Aiiiiiiiiiieeeeee -- I never ever thought I would find the source of this little chant -- I cannot explain how thrilled I am!

And I found a few links for it online.  Here is the one with the most info.  I can remember the intonation of the chanting...I remember the dark moodiness of the short is magic!

Now I want/need to track down a version I can watch and/or purchase that is on DVD.

GREAT evening!!!

(all of this naturally causes me to hear "Say your right words!" from Labyrinth in my head)

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