Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7 - 365/2014

Day Seven

If you thought you heard a triumphant "ta-daaaaaaa!!!" off in the distance somewhere, it was me!  (I know...that should be "I" but it doesn't sound right).  I have conquered that wall space in my main studio -- ha ha!

Now to fill it up!  I want this space to be for collected series and a few pieces from a collaboration from my personal Art-o-mat collection.

I needed to put magnets on the back of some blocks before I could hang them.

Here are the Woodie Anderson "Wood | Play" series 1 & 2 -- the pieces I was able to collect, that is.  I love, love, LOVE Woodie's work -- in addition to this series, I have a number of her "Spam" (collapsible fine art prints -- that I need to think of a way to display) a bunch of her "Hankie Pankie" (limited edition fine art prints on cloth), and one of her full-size (as in non-Art-o-mat) pillows.

Kettle is another artist I found through Art-o-mat.  I love his work, too.  It turned out that he liked my Animal People.  We did a collaboration of his painting with my collage elements and called it "KT Goodlove" (K+T for Kettle and Took, and the last name is a favorite teacher of his...I think that's how it went).  Kettle would paint the blocks first and leave me some room and then send them to me to add my stuff to and then I would send the completed series to Artists in Cellophane...headquarters of Art-o-mat.

Many times Kettle used to do a multi-block set within the series he sent in to AIC.   As a collector of Art-o-mat art, this is really cool...but also really frustrating...how could you possibly be able to know that you were getting a part of a multi-block set when you pull the machine handle...and how could you know if you'd gotten the whole set.  I mean, most of the parts can stand alone but when you look at them (if they are not together in their set) a character can have half a face, or a cloud will be cut off, etc.   But that is where being a machine host comes in really handy -- Carol used to let me know when there were multi-block sets and I could sometimes grab them.  But if Carol wasn't the person packing an art order for me I wouldn't know about it.  In any case -- I adore Kettle's artwork and I have really enjoyed the collaborations with him.  I was lucky enough to be able to meet Kettle and Woodie at a couple of Art-o-mat anniversary swap meets.

So here are some examples of Kettle multi-block sets...  I also put a few of the KT Goodlove blocks in this display...I have a few more to add magnets to.

Here is an example of a complete multi-block set by Kettle (I know this one is complete because they are numbered on the back).  I will have to display these on a different surface so they can stack like this.

I think this one and the next one might be complete but I'm not sure.

Here are some examples of the KT Goodlove collaboration...Kettle's painting and my collage elements.  It was a great series and we did several editions.  It was quite a challenge for me at first to try and work around his characters because I didn't want to cover them up...then I got the hang of making tracing paper masks and cutting my guys to fit so they'd look like they were either in front of or in back of a Kettle guy.

I also loved the blocks that had conversation elements where you weren't sure exactly which guy was saying what.

Sometimes I masked in the background (if Kettle had left it unpainted)...this is pink tissue paper cut to fit around his robot.

There were even a couple of two-block sets that Kettle and I did for KT Goodlove...but I snatched them up.  This is another example of a masked in paper background...it was butcher paper that caught the overspray from alcohol inks and water that I was using on another project...I couldn't throw it away.

Man -- it feels SO good to have these pieces from my collection on display.  AND it is really satisfying that I was able to conquer that stupid wall!!!  I still have a whole lot of Art-o-mat art from my collection to unpack and display.

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