Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 6 - 365/2014

Day Six

Tackling the walls and assembling cat guys...that's what I've been up to today/tonight.

Gah -- these drywall-over-plaster walls!!!  They just don't want to take wall anchors, wall dogs, screws, picture hangers...and I am really making a mess of things...but much of it is getting covered up so I guess I am winning slightly.

I worked on these last night after I blogged/before I finally went to bed.  I added the L-brackets and I thought I was going to pop them up onto the wall with the wall dogs.  Yeah, right.
I got exactly ONE shelf up...and tore up the wall in here, too.
What these shelves might turn out to look like.
But NOT this part...this needs fixing (and probably not by me).

Today/tonight I've been working on forcing the walls to take the magnetic strips...and I have two more available to me...I just cannot get them up there tonight...too fatigued and my arms are too shaky.  That, and I will need to use a ladder for the upper strip -- I think I will put one underneath the others.

Uh, yeah...this is where I left off a few days ago.
It may be a mess underneath, but the magnetic strips look okay.
Can you bee-leeeve the drill must have just missed where I was aiming it -- the bottom wall anchor is too far over -- aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh - so frustrating!
Enough for tonight...back at it tomorrow.

And tonight I have been assembling cat guys...I made fifteen.  I need to go back and try out every character that I've done so far and see how many more I need to make...I should be close by now.

Assembled cat guys drying.
Now I need to see how many of them I can use with the Art-o-mat blocks.  The guy on the horse might be a smidge too tall.

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