Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 14 - 365/2014

Day Fourteen

Today I used the some of the gift cards my sister Sue gave me for my birthday and I framed some small sized art...I also re-homed my bamboo-like plants, and got three new Micron pens.

The stuff I got at Michaels with the two gift cards (plus a little more on the more general one).
I have been meaning/wanting to re-home (it isn't really re-potting or replanting) these two bamboo-like guys for a long time but I could never settle on a color for the glass pebbles and also today I was able to find a not too expensive thick-ish glass vase.  These glass pebbles look red, but they are really a dark orange.  I couldn't get the plants to stand up so I gave them the rock (that I've had since I was a teenager) to help take up space and look nice.  
The plants also have these guys for company...I hope they do okay in the guest bathroom.  The skylight is quite a bit brighter than the light in the studio.
I got a 5-pack of inexpensive 5x7 frames -- just to get started with and put some of the cute artwork up on the walls.  I may eventually have this stuff framed professionally, but for now this is good...at least I will be able to look at it!  I popped the desk flap thing off of them.  I really dislike trying to use desk frames as wall frames -- it is so frustrating to get that little triangle part to go over a nail head.
Oops...one of the kid paintings is on canvas and these frames aren't really meant for that.
In the box of artwork-that-needs-to-be-framed I found the two guys that William Hessian colored in when he was here the last time...we collaborated on my Penciled In series for Art-o-mat and these were the two characters that I printed out on regular printer paper that he practiced on and he signed them and I kept them...today I found a way to display them with some really nice handmade art paper (that I find too heavy/thick for collage).
THIS time I am NOT going to just throw stuff up on the wall without planning the area out.  It may take a day or two, but I will find the right spot for these.
Here is a preview of what they look like...two colored pencil guys, three acrylic paintings, and two linocut prints.

Thanks for the gift cards, Sue!

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