Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 5 - 365/2014 (today's real post)

Day Five

Today I put together some kid versions of Animal People...kittens and puppies rather than cat and dogs.  

The first assembled animal kid for this batch of Animal People.
All of the animal kids from today.

And when I sorted out the cat girls, dog guys, and animal kids I was hoping I was going to have enough Animal People to get to work on the actual collages.  But turned out some of the animal kids are just too big for the blocks -- which reminded me that I hadn't tested the dog guys either and some of those are too big, too.  

I can usually make a larger piece work on the block, but once in a while too much of the character will be lost if I crop it.  I like this cat kid and the dog cowboy really doesn't look as good if the ends of his legs are cut off...the chaps and boots are too cute.
Some of the dog guys were too large as well.

So now I will begin to make some more Animal People and probably mix it up a little...some cat guys and a few dog girls...although I generally don't do many dog girls....

Current count was 44 cat girls, 44 dog guys, and 16 animal kids -- but some were too large for the blocks...back to work!


Karen said...

took- these animal kids are adorable and such a brilliant idea- you're always on to something

Took said...

Thanks, Karen! I have been making Animal People for close to twenty-five years -- every so often I make some animal kids, too.

I guess you do see more adults vs kids...but they are everywhere...they seem pretty popular in general right now.

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