Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 29 - 365/2014

Day Twenty-Nine

Joan and Leann came over this morning for another delightful Wednesday Morning meet up.  Joan worked on some knitting, Leann worked on some carved stamping, and I worked on the collage blocks.  I front-wrapped 12 more...just 8 to go!  After that I worked on painting the possible prototypes I started a day or so ago.

The stuff I worked on.
Joan and Leann!
I was fairly happy with the way this guy was going.
And yeah...I think I like the creature in this form...for now.
This is the butcher paper wrapped block -- I don't think I will do more of these. 
The black creature got a blue with red dots border all the way around the block.  The white creature only has two long sides of dots because of the paper on the short ends.
This is the other wrapped block that I saw creatures emerging on...I considered doing a series of "find the picture" sort of thing but it is way beyond my capacity.  I was stressing waaaaay too much over this.
So I made one more black creature and two white ones on the plain MDF block with a dark blue background.

Later in the afternoon I had an unexpected surprise visit from another friend -- very enjoyable!  Then I went back to painting a bit more on the of right now, I am not sure I care too much for the white creatures but I like the black ones.  I am not sure if I like any of them enough to try to paint fifty of them for a series...I am still thinking about it...we'll see how these end up.  I will poke at them a little more in the morning and blog them tomorrow.
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