Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 26 - 365/2014

Day Twenty-Six

I finally half-shoveled/trudged my way out to the mailbox today -- and I am very glad I did!  Besides the Netflix movie and the local newspaper, I received two pieces of art!

Left:  Art-o-mat artwork by Cella Neapolitan -- Right:  mixed media collage by Diane Irby

Today (in two sessions of fifteen each) I front-wrapped thirty more blocks for Animal People collages.

I really really like the background paper on these blocks -- they look even better in person.
The first forty of the first fifty in an edition of one hundred.

Tonight I am cutting more images to use in the collages.  I find cutting images very is one of my favorite art tasks.

The image trays I am working with tonight.
Images cut so far tonight.
I am not sure how I will use these spiral notebook images (there are a number of them) but I really really like them -- they look so real!

I still have a mountain of laundry to chip away at and a kitchen FULL of dishes that need to be washed but I will probably go back to cutting images after I post this entry.  I lost track of time.  The dishes and laundry will be fine until tomorrow...well, maybe I can do one load of each.

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