Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 4 - 365/2014 (a few minutes past the midnight deadline)

Day Four

What the...already???  Geez -- I dozed off in front of tv and now I am just minutes late on posting Day Four to the blog.  Oh well.

Today I stopped in to see my friend Peggy Kerwan's latest art exhibit.  Her "Eye of the Beholder" is on display in  the front wall gallery area of the Plymouth Community Arts Council.

I also made a stop by Hunt's Ace Hardware to pick up the wall dog kit that they ordered for me.  This wall is trying its best to thwart my efforts to hand more magnetic strips for displaying some of my Art-o-mat collection.  Not only that, but these wall dog anchors (all 4 of the sizes in the kit) are too large for the holes in the I went back to using the small plastic wall anchors and smaller screws (which I also picked up today).  Gah.  I admit defeat for tonight -- but tomorrow I will get these strips hung! 

It happened AGAIN -- these stupid, stupid drywall-over-plaster walls are so hard to work with!
I am doing everything correctly -- AND -- I might add, in the same manner that the other strips went up with very little effort in the other area of my studio.  This is driving me absolutely nuts but I WILL emerge the victor!

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