Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 27 - 365/2014

Day Twenty-Seven

Cool -- the first fifty of the one hundred collage blocks are front-wrapped!

I liked the colors of the edges of the blocks in the shipping box so much that I turned the box sideways and took a photo and I'm using it on my Facebook page as my cover. 

But, whoa -- I finally feel like I actually DID something today -- I nearly cleared out the space under the big table in Studio A!!!!  AND I "allowed" myself/forced myself to throw out (a whole contractor sized trash bag) of stuff that I have been saving...stuff I thought I was maybe going to use for plaster cloth guys.  But now that I have a better feel for making the plaster cloth guys, I also have a better idea of what I will actually use and what needs to GO.  Wa-hoo!

Man -- stuff gets so out of hand so quickly.
I sorted all that stuff down to this much.
Hey -- I can see under the table!
I am allowing myself to keep these containers for a little while longer...only because they all have lids (execept that tall one).
I even found the lids for the two containers that were already on my wire rack.
I'd like to sort things into smaller containers so they are more grab-able when I need them.
This is all that is left of all of that stuff...I am going to take these bins into Studio B and clean up in there, too.  Then I will take the bins down to the basement where there is plenty of storage room...and other stacked bins.
AND I have reclaimed my way cool baskets!!!  Maybe more FUN stuff can go in them now.

And while I was cleaning I (nearly) stumbled upon this box lid that was part of a project in one of our Second Thursday meet ups.  I am not sure exactly why but I want to see if I can paint guys like this on Art-o-mat blocks...yes, another series. 

The box lid is one from those brown papier mache-type little boxes you get at Michael's for a buck a piece.  It is hard to see, but in person you can see through the yellow paint and half-see the brown I tried the same yellow paint applied thinly to the Art-o-mat MDF -- same sort of effect.  So far, so good!

And then I was thinking...what if I wanted to not have it so plain in the background...I wonder what it might look like if I try using the same alcohol-inks-and-water-on-butcher-paper to wrap a block and then paint it.

But then I was looking at the wrapped blocks and I started seeing guys begin to surface (like in the repurposed canvas/collages).

Fox guy surfacing.
Or in this direction -- clearly there is a bear or dog running from the right towards the left.
This one has all sorts of guys trying to come through.

Okay...time to leave the studio for tonight I think...just click "publish" and walk away, Took.  Plus, that painted box top looks kinda okay because it is so plain/simple.

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