Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3 - 365/2014

Day Three

Tonight was First Friday already -- the first exhibit of the New Year at the Northville Art House.  "Altered Perceptions: The Work of Jan Brown" is a gorgeous show.  I snapped a few quick photos before people started arriving.  My friend photographer Terri Light came by to take the real photos for the show.  I took up my usual station at the front door -- greeter/guest counter.  The show got a lot of great press and despite the frigid temperatures we had a very respectable (and enthusiastic) turn out...most everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the artwork on their way out.

Here is the description from the postcard:  "A life-long artist, Jan Brown began her journey into abstract expressionism three years ago.  Her paintings force viewers to alter their perceptions on how a painting can move them, how pre-conceived ideas can change, and how color, line and shapes can cause reactions that sometimes force people out of their comfort zones.  Through her nonrepresentational work, the audience is forced to confront memories, hidden images and emotions, and find their own message withing the art."

This is fellow exhibit committee member Bob Wesley who coordinated this exhibit.  (I coaxed him into the "ta-daaa" pose.)
Bob and Jan Brown.

Altered Perceptions:  The Work of Jan Brown runs through February 1, 2014
Northville Art House  
215 W Cady Street
Northville, MI  48167    (248) 344-0497
Regular Hours:  1-5 p.m. Wednesday - Saturday
Always free and open to the public

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Sue Marrazzo said...

Nice post and cool ART!

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