Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 23 - 365/2014

Day Twenty-Three

I sure hope this entry shows up for January 23 because I squeaked it in at just before midnight and now I am editing it.

Today I was feeling quite a bit under the weather but I was determined to get the last three shelves up on that difficult wall in Studio B.  I did that part earlier in the day and then took it easy for most of the afternoon and part of the evening.  Then I moved the toys to the shelves -- I will probably rearrange them at some point, but for now I have accomplished what I set out to do -- yay!

I did it -- I won -- all nine shelves are up on that difficult wall in Studio B...including the one that is very close to the light switches.
These toys will be going into Studio A near my desk so that I can play with them once in a, they are made of a harder (but more brittle) material and I worry about them falling off the shelves and cracking.
I will most likely rearrange things later on, but I did it!
This spot gives me easy access to these musical guys.
An overview of where they are, next to my desk.
My flaming hair artwork by Arthur Brown looks really good here...and I can see it from my desk.
I couldn't justify putting a lot of money into another one of the wonderful powdered metal magnet boards right now, so I came up with this solution...a baking sheet that already has two holes in each end.  I got a package of three sizes for under ten dollars...I may eventually invest in another  magnet board, but not right now.
I have collaborated with several artists on my "Penciled In" series for well as doing a couple of early editions by myself.  I am going to put magnets on these tonight (or tomorrow) and arrange them on the baking sheet magnet board.
I (inexpensively) mattted/framed the two original "practice" colorings that William Hessian did and they are positioned over the magnet board.

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