Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 212 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Twenty-One

What a blast!  Today Juana, Andi, and Terri came over and we ordered pizza and played games.

Juana arrived first.  We went to lunch and then came back to my house and she worked on her felting project in my basement for a little while.  Then we moved up to the dining room and looked at the Art-o-mat art shipment that arrived today.  (Maybe we did that before we went downstairs...doesn't really matter.)  

Then Andi came over with some games and we played a round of Cards Against Humanity -- man -- talk about funny!  

Then we were were just barely into another round of the game Terri arrived so we started a new round.  THEN stuff really started getting giggly and laughing and just nuts.

At some point Sad Keanu showed up...and we ordered pizza and took a break when it arrived and then went back to playing more.  And we also tried King of Tokyo...and I forgot to take photos of KOT.  Then we had some cookies and decided to play one more round of CAH even though Andi had already packed it up.  

And then the inevitable happened..."Whoa..." Keanu couldn't believe some of the responses and he fell over.

Man -- we haven't laughed that hard or that long for a long, long time -- it was SO much fun!

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