Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 124 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Twenty-Four

Wow -- where does the time go???  I nearly missed my midnight posting deadline!

This is a part of the Animal People collages process that I really enjoy...digging through my billions and billions of phrases to add to the collages.  I keep notebooks FULL of them...misheard quotes, bits of conversations, song lyrics, lines in movies or tv shows, snippets of sentences from books or magazine ads...they come from all over.  I can really get lost in re-reading them!

Assembling some of the things I will need.
Flipping through one of my notebooks...I recently compiled a few pages for use on these collages.
I type them out on my Dymo label maker and then cut them smaller.  Right about now I am starting to wish I hadn't cut my fingernails the other day -- the backs of the labels have peel off parts that are in two sections.  The labels can get pretty teensy by the time they are cut.
Tonight's first phrase added to a collage.
Another one.
Aha -- I knew I had a plastic bag of already printed out phrases -- things will go a bit quicker now!
The collages I added phrases to tonight...I will probably go back to doing this...I just needed to run in here and post this blog entry before my midnight deadline.

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