Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 128 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Twenty-Eight

May Second Thursday:  Juana, Leann, Jane, Julia, Terri, Lisa, Took.

Today was Second Thursday -- and we had a total of seven people, one being new to the group.
Lisa Grix joined us tonight.  Terri printed out old photographs from the Library of Congress and we altered them.  We would choose one to start with and work on it for 3 minutes, then pass it to the person on our right, work on it for three minutes, etc. until the photos made their way back to the person who started them.  It is a really fun activity.

Here are the three photos that I started...and how they ended up.

And Terri took home the first fifty transfers/blocks for our collaboration on Penciled In.  Lisa said she would also like to do a set of fifty with me.  Cool!

It was a great time -- we all talked and laughed and talked and talked and talked.  I really enjoy this group so much!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo alterations! You are a clever and creative bunch.

Took said...

And we miss you, Deb!

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