Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 129 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Twenty-Nine

My wonderful sister Sue and my delightful four-legged niece Abby came over for dinner and games tonight.  We had a great time!

While Sue was here she and I picked up and disposed of the remains of the yarn bomb snake.  The two "teenager" raccoons systematically tore it up last night.  The cats were nervous and I heard a rhythmic tearing sound.  I flipped on the light on the deck and there they were -- those two bad raccoons.  It looked like they had probably both been at it a while, but one was watching the other who was sitting up on his haunches and holding the tail end of the snake up off of the deck.  He just kept biting, ripping, chewing, spitting, biting, ripping, chewing, spitting.  It was amusing but it also made me really angry.  And I was worried that they might ingest some of the pool noodle that was inside of the snake and then die somewhere we wouldn't be able to find them for a long time until the smell was really awful.  They ran when I turned on the light and banged on the glass door.  They came back once but the cats told on them and I banged again and they left.  I left the light on all night and it looked today like they finally quit tearing the snake up.  Bottom Sue and I picked up the pieces, bagged them (along with the old moss covered mats) and stashed the bag in the garage.

I wanted to pick up the pieces last night but it was too slippery on the deck from the rain.
Man, raccoons can really be vandals.

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