Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 138 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Thirty-Eight

Tonight I have been papering the other two paintings from the estate sale (after freeing them from their frames).  

On the back of this painting, the staples are again stacked over each other but they are in groups of three around the corners only.
And these paintings do not fit exactly into the frames...fairly wide gaps on both.
These are the main papers I am using with this painting...matte medium heavily applied.
Tearing and dropping the first pieces of paper onto the painting.
The end result -- very wet.  I am pretty sure I will be doing another papering session with all of these paintings.
This is the second smaller painting.  Nearly no staples in this one -- but also wide gaps.
I had more shades of red and pink papers than I realized...I am trying to put a little color into this one, too.
A few of the types of papers I have been a variety of colors.
The second painting...very wet.

Yes, I will definitely be adding more papers...not all that thrilled with tonight's results...but I am sure they will look different when they are dry.

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