Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 122 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Twenty-Two

Most of my day was spent with trying to figure out why a particular file would no longer attach to emails -- it worked just fine the other day -- but today it would not.  I was in online chat with the cable company for over an hour and we never did get it has been given a "priority ticket" and sent to the "engineers" to see if they can figure it out.  In the meantime, I had sixty-one emails to send.  I ended up typing out a very plain-looking email with no logo and just did it that way.  I am not nearly as happy with it, but at least they were all sent out.

That sucked a lot of enthusiasm out of me for a while...then I started to want to work on the Animal People collages...I only have about 26 more to go (out of 100) that are in this stage of the process.  After this comes the wording and clean up, then labels, then wrapping in cellophane, and packaging/shipping off to AIC.

But this is as far as I could get.  I got all set up, put the music on, I was feeling good -- but nothing was coming.  Everything felt really forced.  I think I might simply be a bit preoccupied with the tasks that still remain for next week.  Oh least I got a teensy bit accomplished -- I am sure tomorrow will be better.

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