Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 149 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Forty-Nine

I finally settled on the five pieces I wanted to submit to the Biennial Member Exhibit at Paint Creek Center for the Arts.  Last night when I started to put the CD together I realized that a few of the images were larger than they wanted so I needed to wait until daylight today to retake a few photos in smaller format.  (I can no longer use my old photo program with the newer just isn't supported, but I found a workaround for today.)  I ran the entry over to the post office and it should make it to PCCA in plenty of time.  I hope I get one or two pieces into this show.  I submitted:  Cat King, Creatura Lupus Ursus, Djubi, Pup, and Time for a Nap.

Cat King   (3D is allowed 2 pics...this is the main one)
Creatura Lupus Ursus  (Latin for "the creation of a bear wolf")
Djubi  (he also got 2 views, this is the main one)
Time for a Nap

This evening I have been working on darkening the outlines of the three young creatures in one of the repurposed collages.  This collage is the only one that is made on a watercolor painting on heavy watercolor paper.  It has been a challenge from the very beginning because of the warping and other minor issues.  I like these little guys a lot but I need to figure out what they are about...give them a back that I can do a little more with them (hopefully).

darkening the outlines
done with this part for now
first little guy -- his nose is hidden under his arm
middle guy -- I love his little jacket
third guy -- kind of badger-like -- I need to figure the rest of him out
Twink joined me towards the end
 I need to think about what the creatures look like...none of them are actual animals, but they do have some familiar animal-like similarities.  They are all definitely creatures or monsters, though.  Now, what exactly are they up to?

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Ann Thompson said...

Everything came out sooo good! I think my favorite is King Cat, but they are all very much your style, and I love 'em! Good luck on your showing!!1

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