Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 145 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Forty-Five

There were more than I remembered or wanted to think about.  I have waaaay too many half started, partially done, hopelessly drifting collages going at once.  All of these repurposed paintings from sales and resale shops are really starting to pile up.  I need to commit and finish some!

I dragged all NINE (sheesh) of them out to the dining room for photos and initial evaluation(s).

The pile of smaller ones.

The three bigger ones

For the purposes of this blog entry, I will call this one Collage 1.

Collage 1 has two main characters right now...this rabbity guy...

...and this goaty guy.

For this blog entry, this is Collage has three main characters.

This guy...

...this guy in the middle...

...and this little guy on the end who is sort of hard to make out...his arms are outstretched and his nose is hidden by his arm.

For this blog entry, this is Collage 3.

For this blog entry, this is Collage 4.

For this blog entry, this is Collage was probably the second canvas I started to has a lot of characters, but here are the main ones...not sure how many will survive to the end.

This cat guy carrying a patchwork dog guy.

This blue horned guy.

This long-legged canine-ish sort of guy.

This is my favorite character in this collage...he is hard to see but he is sort of like a bear with his eyes closed.

For this blog entry, this is Collage 6,

These are the three latest ones...Collage 7.
Collage 8.
Collage 9.
I stacked them up and grabbed the smallest one.

So I pulled out the smallest collage and added more solid black outlines and used blending chalks to add a bit of defining color.

The edges of this one are continuations of the surface...not sure if I will frame it or not.
The pens and blending chalks.
How Collage 4 ended up...more color, a little more might be done now...maybe.

And then I just grabbed one of the next sized ones...and ended up with the walking guy...who had no real head...I finally added the basic outline.  It was getting late and I was losing any sort of inspiration.

Oh brother...this guy started off like a bear but now I don't know what he is...there is a long way to go on this one.

Eeek...I need to finish this's almost midnight!

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Sue Marrazzo said...

I like seeing what goes on behind the scenes of the creative process! NICE post!

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