Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 137 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Thirty-Seven

My sister and I went to an estate sale this morning.  The furniture was really gorgeous -- we wanted everything...a lot of it was already tagged as sold, other pieces were tagged "hold until 5pm".  I ended up with three good-sized framed paintings on canvas.  A lot of the larger ones were also already set aside as sold.

Too much time spent outside today has left me back in battle with allergy symptoms and Bendadryl fog.  I was determined to get SOMEthing done tonight, though.  I chose one of the paintings and pulled the staples out to free the canvas so I could start papering it.  Man -- those staples were IN there -- and each one was double stapled...I would pull out a staple and there was another one exactly under the first one.  It really made my hand hurt by the time I was done and I promised myself -- no matter what -- that I would not do any more staple pulling today/tonight.

The three framed paintings...with more saturated colors than I am used to on these projects -- could turn out kind of cool.
The more ornate frame.
The staples in the ornately framed painting...each staple had another staple directly underneath it.
This is what the two smaller paintings look like on the backs...a row of three staples in sets all the way around.
Aha -- the first (of many) staples comes loose!
Setting up to get started on the papering of the painting for tonight...the one from the ornate frame.
The first pieces of paper have landed in the matte medium.  I do not direct these.
Now some paper with inclusions...before the matte medium is applied on top.
Other papers are added.
I like how some of the whiter papers almost dissolve away from the inclusions...not really, but they almost become transparent while they are wet.
And this is how it looked at the end of this papering session...very wet.  There is a lot more color than usual.  I can't wait to see how it looks when it dries -- I wonder if more papers will be needed.

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