Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 62 - 365/2014

Day Sixty-Two

What did I do today...well, sorted through more magazines, worked on Biteyou (the bearlike monster creature guy that I started working on with Peggy's help back on Day 51), and hung up a really cool doll that Franciney gave me.

Ready to get to work!
Quick shot of the colors I am using so I don't forget for next time.
Trying out a layer of decorative mulberry paper to cover up the background and circles that I don't like.
Two sides of decorative mulberry paper to cover up those circles...I will probably paint over them or collage the background or something...not sure yet...but it won't stay like this.
Peggy told me to keep turning the canvas and working on it from different I did...going at it sideways.
The decorative paper close up.
I hope I can paint his face nicely.
Biteyou -- drying a bit before I move him into the studio.

Throughout the late afternoon and early evening I worked on clearing out another one of the bins of magazines...pulling images to cut later and stacking the bags in the "to be recycled" closet.

TWO empty bins!
That closet is getting kinda tippy!

Franciney bid on and won several handmade dolls at the Holly Dolly Fundraiser at Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester (I think it was around xmastime).  When Franciney was working on my taxes she asked me if I would like to have the Robert Tucker voodoo zombie doll that I had admired.  I said "YES!!!" and Juana delivered it to me last week.  Tonight I hung it in the perfect spot.

tag on the back of the doll
Voo Doo Zombie doll by Robert Tucker (thank you SO much, Franciney!)
The new view from my desk...Art-o-mat art, Renee Dooley skeleton doll, Leann Meixner voodoo boxes and 2-part quilt, paper doll by me, Mary Fortuna animal dolls, Arthur Brown flaming head mask, and Robert Tucker voo doo zombie.
Okay...time to watch elevate/medicate/cold pack and watch tv!

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