Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 64 - 365/2014

Day Sixty-Four

I wanted to work some more on Biteyou but I couldn't come up with what to do.  The mulberry paper didn't turn out so well and I couldn't think of a color to paint over it.  I am starting to run sort of low on large pieces of paper and I didn't really feel like ripping teensy pieces and applying them to the canvas around the creature.  Then I found some sort of neutral colors in the studio and brought them out to test next to Biteyou.  I plan on painting on whatever paper I lay down...or collaging it more or something...not sure what yet...but one of the papers was too plain, one was okay, but not quite and the third is the one I went with -- for now.

Biteyou and the mulberry paper.
Better shot of how the mulberry paper looks...not that great.
The three neutral colors I found in the studio.  I need to make a trip out to Hollander's soon!
I liked the brown...but, meh...
The black-with-inlcusions might be better. if I wanted to try and use the two sheets of black-with-inclusions paper, how was I going to get Biteyou's shape onto it?  I couldn't see through a piece of butcher paper that I took out to the working area.  Then I thought hey...tracing paper.  So I pieced several pieces together and traced his basic outline.  But how to transfer that onto the black paper? 

Laying the tracing paper down and taping the sheets together.
Hard to see -- but I traced Biteyou's basic outline.

Then I thought oh's only paper...and I had an idea that maybe I could do a sort of reverse process of the way we get sketches onto erasers to putting pencil on the back of the drawing and then using it like carbon paper...but I would need to use chalk instead of pencil and hope that it would stay put long enough to tear the paper along the chalk lines.

I flipped the tracing paper outline over and used chalk to get a mark.  Then I just used my fingertips to rub the chalk onto the black paper.

And -- for the most part -- it worked!  The chalk kept poofing off as I ripped, but there was enough that I could get the idea of where to tear.  In hindsight, it might have been a better idea to cut the paper with scissors and then tear it later...but oh worked.

The paper is not attached to the canvas yet, but I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I have a "shadow Biteyou", too.  Ha ha ha.

Pretty cool -- a "shadow" guy!
Biteyou and Shadow Biteyou

AND throughout the day I got three more paper bags filled with magazines to recycle...that closet is getting really really full.  Andi and I are going to have brunch on Friday and then drop all of the bags at AB's school.  I want to get as many sorted through as possible by then!

Three more bags!

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