Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 69 - 365/2014

Day Sixty-Nine

Man.  Sometimes the collages almost make themselves and sometimes I just can. not. get. ANY. thing. to. work.  Tonight was the latter.  

First, things were just not coming together...then things felt "off"... faces weren't looking right...and then I decided not to struggle against it anymore for tonight.  

Ready to get started.
The more I looked at this guy, the more he didn't look right...that white on his neck just looks like a big smudge in person. was just the white on the dog's neck...but it wasn't working with the body...maybe too much white on white at that exact spot.
I had this cat girl in mind when I cut out this cocktail.  But damn...they just won't fit on the block no matter how I turn them or angle them.  The lemon peel needs to be there...and it looks great on the green background...but then I can't get enough of her to...GAH!
None of the coffee cups were working with the coffee beans...and none were working with the Animal People.
NO ideas...too many tiny pictures...I give up for tonight!
At least I got these two assembled...they don't look like much yet, I know.  When phrases get added later on everything will come together.  It appears that these two make a total of eleven (of the second 50 of 100) so far...I thought I was farther along.

It hasn't been a totally wasted day.  I got quite a bit of housework done, ran a few errands...talked to my sister on the phone tonight.  Maybe it is the air quality or something today...the temps were in the low fifties and everything is melting.  More snow back in the forecast in a few days. Things will improve eventually.

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