Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 89 - 365/2014

Day Eighty-Nine

Today I have been trying to plan ahead a little...add things to the working calendar... projects for possible submissions, Art House exhibits I am working on, getting back to Art-o-mat (eventually), and hopefully some collaboration(s) with Terri.

I sketched a little bit about the wooden cigar boxes...I have a few ideas and they would most likely be for November.

I was thinking that before I get a whole lot farther with the hatchling guy I ought to figure out a way to get hanging wires incorporated into his structure.  I tried drilling holes into the flattest parts but I couldn't drill all the way through.  I think it was a combination of nerves, drill bit was just a tad short, and/or the drill was running into the wire hangers inside of the body.  At least I didn't make it snap apart.

Then I was looking around in Studio B, trying to choose something that might be complete-able by the end of next month.  I uncovered a couple of oh-yeah-those-guys I totally forgot about...this guy with the really long horns...

...and the little ceramic robot-y head guy...but he needs arms/hands.  Then I uncovered a set of hands and feet.

Those hands and feet were going to be for a soft sculptured body but I lost interest in it.  They might work for the robot-y guy.  But I would have to take the knobs off to be able to attach them to the plaster cloth securely.

And I couldn't remember what made his legs so heavy...oh yeah...airline-sized vodka bottles.

Okay, so long should the arms be?

Luckily I only used the caps of the empty glue sticks for his arms because they came right out after wiggling them a little.  That allowed me to "bend" the hands upward a bit...give him some elbows (sort of).

I think I have decided against these feet for him.

But here is the real question -- can he fly? 

And here he is after working on him with the wet plaster cloth tonight.  I needed to build up his torso area (I can't remember what's under there right now) but it sounded (and felt) like it needed more layers.  I also thickened the plaster cloth on his legs and strengthened both of his index of them had a hairline crack.

And here are the two guys I together...they are kind of cracking me up.

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