Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 72 - 365/2014

Say Seventy-Two

Tonight was Second Thursday.  We had a small group and people worked on small projects they brought from home.  It was mostly just about being together and talking and stuff.  

Juana came over earlier and we went to dinner...she also brought her little theremin to show me.
It's so little and pretty damn cool.
Tonight's group:  Juana, Julia, Leann, Jane, Took
Juana was working on her needle felted La Nain Rouge.
Jane was working on paper pop ups.
Julia brought a bracelet kit that is way cool and she has to make a bunch of little beaded clusters and then join them.
Leann was playing around with some cards (blurry from long exposure/zoomed in).
Leann also had a bunch of pipe cleaners and made purple flames for her glasses....again, long exposure/zoomed in).
Jane's project turned into this.

My project was just to document everybody else's stuff.  I am still too achy to concentrate on creative stuff.  It was great being together!

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