Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 60 - 365/2014

Day Sixty

I was determined to get something done today -- anything -- and I feel like I did.

I have a ton of used magazines (from various sources) and they take up a lot of room in my house.  There are bins in the living room, a bin and a dresser full of them in my bedroom, another giant bin n the basement...and that isn't counting the two rolling drawer carts and several boxes of cut up images. Today I wanted to at least make a dent in the inventory.

The bins full of magazines in the living room.
The dresser full of magazines in the bedroom -- two stacks deep on each shelf.
After I pulled images all afternoon and into the evening I had seven grocery bags of magazines waiting to go to the paper recycling program at Andi's daughter's school.
An empty bin!
An empty shelf!
Images to cut!

Later I cooked a nice dinner for myself (cod and orzo with spinach, onions and garlic).  After dinner I wanted to assemble at least the four Animal Kid collages that I started a few days ago.

All ready to get started on a few Animal People collages.
These four Animal Kids took a lot longer than I was anticipating -- I am done for the night!

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