Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 83 - 365/2014

Day Eighty-Three

A little clearing/sorting/putting away...and a little bit of papering.

Hey -- I cleared off the front of my desk!
Studio B - before
Studio B - after -- still a way to go, but at least I can walk around in there again...and the really big box (in front of the rabbit guy) will be gone tomorrow.
I pulled the nails from the back of the newly acquired oil painting to release it from its frame and removed the hanging wire and screw eyes...and slathered on the matte medium.
This is the very wet first layer of papers...much more to come, no doubt!

I have a long day of car loading/car driving/car unloading/car driving/walking around/sitting in the restaurant/driving home ahead of me tomorrow...this is all that my back and legs could put up with for tonight.

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