Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 76 - 365/2014

Day Seventy-Six

Tonight I applied the black paper with inclusions to the Biteyou collage.  I took a little extra time to make the Biteyou-shaped tears a little bigger so that I will be sure to have room for painting his edges or outline...whatever it turns out I do with him.  This process always takes longer than I expect.

Ready to get started.
I tore the Biteyou outlines a little bigger and slopped on the matte medium.
I apply the matte medium underneath and on top...just to make sure it is good and wet and stays put.
It is drying nice and clear.
I need to let him sit for a while before I move him back into the studio to keep drying.

I still don't know how I will finish him...certainly he is not fully painted yet.  I don't know if I will use more paper(s) to create a background or paint on top of the paper or maybe a bit of both to keep the collage going.  I do think he is outside in the dark...unlike me, Biteyou is not afraid of the dark outside.

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