Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 80 - 365/2014

Day Eighty

So I've been thinking about Biteyou today and what sort of things I might do with his collage/canvas.

I know I started out wanting to paint a big picture but Biteyou (in his painted state) is a very large part of that canvas.  I am a lot more comfortable with collage and constructing/assembling things with paper and sometimes maybe stretching it to how about if I combine a little of this and a little of that...hmmm.

I've had the idea in my head that Biteyou is outside at night and the inclusions in that black paper have been seeming to me like stars or night sky things.  And when I think of that scenario, I kind of think of putting a sort of planet-type background behind him...and the images that come to mind first are the wonderful illustrations from Antoine de Saint-Exupery's "The Little Prince".  Perhaps I can work out something that is heavily influenced/inspired by those.

I'm still just in the very beginning stages of fooling around with ideas...nothing is glued down yet (or even totally figured out yet).  I don't know yet how detailed I want things to be, etc.

Okay -- I brought Biteyou out and grabbed a handful of various paper scraps in green tones.
The only reason I tried to sketch anything out was purely for an example for the blog...I know what I'm seeing, but it is hard to explain.
Closer view of buildings on a planet background.
My major influence/inspiration for this idea.
The first few trial shapes.
Another building in a different could really take off and get pretty detailed with all sorts of assemblies in paper and/or fabric...or both...
My head is spinning with ideas!

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