Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 75 - 365/2014

Day Seventy-Five

Today I went with Juana to The Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild Bead Show, "Bead Bonanza" at the Southfiled Pavillion.  Wow.  I haven't attended this show in quite a long is an incredible blast of color, glitz, people, fabulous beads...and did I mention color?  Man.

While Juana shopped, I had a personal quest finally be able to purchase Blue Animal Dream by Diane Hawkey.  I fell in love with this wondrous piece of ceramic magic back in October of last year when Diane displayed it at Under the (Inspired) Influence...that group show I coordinated at the Northville Art House.  It has been on my mind since then!

Here are a few photos from today:

YOW -- the crowd, the beads, the colors, the shininess, the wow, the sounds, the madness of Bead Bonanza.
We found Diane's booth!
A couple of the fabulous ceramic houses Diane hard to choose just one!
Some of Diane's delightful little guys.
Close up of one of the guys.
Diane also makes incredible little creatures that sit atop blocks.
Here are some of Diane's mixed media pendants.
And the teensiest, tiniest, most perfect little acorn bead you will ever (almost) see!
Juana and Diane
I had to park myself while Juana shopped -- I tend to get overwhelmed with sensory overload lately.
Mission accomplished!

After the Bead Bonanza Juana and I went to lunch at a Thai restaurant in Ferndale and talked and talked and laughed and talked...the food was great!  Then when we got back to her house we ended up talking in the car sitting in her driveway for a bit longer...great day with a great friend!

Tonight I had to do a little photo shoot with Blue Animal Dream and two other pieces I purchased from Diane.  I am absolutely enthralled by Diane's work...I will be collecting her stuff for a long time!

Blue Animal Dream by Diane Hawkey!
Adorable cat on a block by Diane Hawkey.
Wonderful little house by Diane Hawkey...I want to get more of her houses -- of various sizes -- and make a little neighborhood!

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