Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 81 - 365/2014

Day Eighty-One

Today my sister Sue and I went to a really great estate sale in Northville Township run by my friend Teresa and her company Estate Sales in Michigan.  I had a very successful trip -- I was able to get many of the items that I wanted the most that I saw in the photos that are posted on Teresa's Facebook page.  Wow.  The sale is also on tomorrow -- if you are in the area, stop by -- great stuff!  Oh, and it is go prepared...we had to run to the bank and back really fast.

This painting is HUGE -- it wouldn't fit across the back seat of my car...we had to steer it in through the hatchback and wedge it in between the two front seats.
And I thought that the Biteyou canvas was big...heh!
And I snagged six wonderful wooden cigar boxes that are in great shape and all the same.  I already have a project earmarked for these!  (Thank you to Teresa's sister for bringing them up from the sale's basement for me -- I just could not go down and back up one more flight of stairs at that point.)
And yep -- I finally took the plunge -- I figured if I was going to get myself a sewing machine I would want an older model with no bells and whistles...and bonus -- this one has the table.  Man -- it only weighs about 900 lbs -- thank you SO much to Steve for carrying it down the stairs at the sale and getting it into my car.  Thank you SO much to Sue for helping me get it out of the car -- and -- for helping me pick up all of the pins and needles and buttons and spools that fell out of the tabley part...LOL. 
I am pretty excited about today's acquisitions -- the sewing machine has its original manual, but I am going to need a lot of coaching.  Hopefully it won't need much tuning up.  Now I get to buy colorful thread!!! 

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