Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 51 - 365/2014

Day Fifty-One

What a strange weather day...thundersnow.  This morning I had a wonderful meeting with a friend who I haven't seen in a while and who may become a sponsor for one of the upcoming juried art exhibits at NAH.  I am very excited no matter how things turn out -- it was great to see my friend again!

Then this afternoon my friend Peggy Kerwan came by to help me with some painting tips and techniques.  I have that big canvas with the little bearlike/monster/creature guy on it that I feel driven to paint but since I am primarily NOT a painter (and I don't like to paint, don't feel "qualified" to paint, etc.) (but somehow need to do this) Peggy was kind enough to come over and walk me through some stuff.  It was very helpful going step-by-step with Peggy -- she makes it look so easy.  I get so tense when I paint, nearly as tense as when forced to do math other than simple functions.  I hold my breath with every brush stroke.  Peggy kept everything fun and a couple of points she even had to take my hand and make the motions with it that she was trying to get me to do...very patient woman.  And after she left I forced myself to go back into the painting area and put at least a small amount of color on the little bearlike/monster/creature guy before I totally lost all of my nerve (or forgot what she had shown me).

Getting ready for Peggy's arrival.
Peggy unpacking her stuff.
Just one part of the demo.
Here is mine at the same point.
And a little farther along.
And then done...set aside to let it dry enough to come back in and work on the eyes...although we both like the ghosty look of him like this.
The little guy and the big guy.
More tips and techniques!
Peggy showing me a couple of more steps of how she achieves different looks.
Not too bad for a first lesson!

When Peggy was packing up all of the stuff she brought over, I was telling her that I don't want to come off like I am copying her style -- Peggy has a very distinct style that you can recognize right away and it is so Peggy and wonderful.  Peggy was kind in saying that even if I did make paintings like her it would still be me painting them and that would come through.  And we also discussed how I could incorporate using some of my papers that I use in the larger collages for the background and paint over would kind of bridge the gap between my collage and painting and that is something for me to keep in mind.

And oh yeah...I want to tell you that Peggy does painting parties at people's homes.  You can contact her for details.  She also has lots of paintings for sale at various venues around the Metro Detroit area.  AND Peggy will be the first artist in the Northville Art House's Outreach program...more about that as it gets closer.  Here is a link to see Peggy's Flickr gallery. Probably the easiest way to contact Peggy regarding her artwork or commission work of painting parties is to message her at her Facebook is a link.

And so here is my solo least it's a start!

The colors I selected (so I don't forget for when I go back to it again.)
The first bits of color on the big guy version.
A little more progress.
This is where I am stopping tonight.

I seriously doubt I will ever really fall in love with painting.  It just isn't "me".  But it would be good to at least come to a friendly arrangement with painting since most of the things I am driven to make require that I paint at least a portion of the project.  I am going to try to keep an open mind and heart with this painting thing.  I need to do this guy as a will be good when it is completed.

Oh -- and this creature's name is Biteyou.  He is named after a retired Detroit Derby Girl's cat.  "Sass Knuckles" (it is still hard for me not to call her Sass) cat's name was originally Merlin, but when her adorable son Linc was littler he pulled Merlin's tail one time when he was playing with Merlin and now the cat's name is Biteyou.  That totally cracks me up and I love it and I asked Sass if she would mind if I "borrowed" the name every once in a while and she was happy to grant permission.  I think Biteyou really fits this creature...this little bearlike/monster/cute/mildly scary/creature guy.

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