Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 47 - 365/2014

Day Forty-Seven

Geez -- it feels like it has been ages since I last worked with wet plaster cloth -- it is so good to get back to it!  Tonight I got started on the remake of the baby snake guy.  I am only concentrating on the first join where the hangers fit into the tube of the original neck/head.  I want to get that first join really solid and I am using the Scott paper "rags" along with the layers of plaster cloth to hopefully give it more strength.  It might not actually do anything at all but it feels like it makes it stronger. 

I also rigged up a hanging method so that the entire piece can support its own weight as the work moves along.  I think it will help the structure support itself and find its natural balance and shape.  Again, maybe it won't actually do anything, but it feels like it will.  At least doing it in this manner, I won't be surprised by any snapping/breaking later on...the weight of the piece will stretch the wire hangers and Devil's Fingers vine into place...that's my theory, anyway.

The first area I want to fill in and secure.
I'm not worrying about the shape of the body just yet...only getting the joins strengthened and capable of supporting its own weight.

I can't wait to poke at it again tomorrow night!  I am having big doubts that this piece will be finished in time for The Green Show, but that is okay.  If it is, it is...if it isn't, it will be for something else.

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