Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 46 - 365/2104

Day Forty-Six

Whew -- that's three hours I'll never get back again...but it was worth it if this guy turns out.

There is a local call for entries for an exhibition called "The Green Show" and they want you to interpret the word green however you want with envy, Spring, recycling, connections to nature, colors on your palette, etc...anything to do with green.

For me, what says "Spring" more than a young snake coming down out of a tree to explore his surroundings?  Not much! He's green in color and he is pretty green/naive.  And I use trash and recycled items inside of the plaster cloth guys.  I think it would fit the theme.

I have really loved this guy's head area and the look on his face from the beginning, but I have not loved how his body was and I hated his tail area.  Time for the saw!

Wow -- I really had a lot of layers of plaster cloth on there!

Next I needed to find a way to present him.  That is when I thought of him coming down out of a tree.  I might be able to make him so that he hangs from a large hook or something.  I wanted more movement in his body...more slithery-ness. Originally I thought I might be able to cut and piece together sections of cardboard tubes to get the curves but then I was thinking wire hangers grouped together would give the body stability and give me something I could bend and work directly on.  I was hoping against hope that I still had a few wire hangers somewhere in the house and I found four!  Wow...I am going to be feeling this later on -- those hangers are strong and not as easily shaped as I thought they'd be.  I was really fighting them to get them into the tube and then to tape them together.

The hangers seem to do the trick...they support his head just is fairly weighty.
Getting ready to wrestle with the hangers.

Next it was time to get some shape/curves/movement into this guy.  I started to bend the hangers and then I happened to bump into the antlers on the Atomic Fireball Happy Hour Guy -- again.  They could maybe give some natural curve that I could I gave it a try...and it seemed to work.

Hey...these things snap right off!
This is what I came up with...not bad for working alone...I really could have used another set of hands.
Yep...that feels pretty stable.
Testing the wire wrapped's holding!
Bootsy came over to see what was going on.
I think I like it so far!  I will probably make the end of his tail into a hook-shape.

I will work on this guy with the idea of finishing him in time for submitting him to The Green Show but if I don't make the deadline that's okay, too.  I want to do a good job and really like him when he is done.

I really want to start the plaster cloth, but I am going to wait until tomorrow.  I know all of this manipulation is going to catch up with my hands/arms in a little while...this is plenty of work for today.

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