Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 44 -- 365/2014

Day Forty-Four

Tonight was Second Thursday!  A few folks couldn't make it and I switched the original activity I had planned (we will do it when more people can be there) with what turned out to be a pretty fun one.  I love this group!

Tonight's group:  Peggy, Joan, Leann, Jane, Janice, Took.
I had us use an image from a old book, pictures, illustration, wording, yearbook, etc. and work it into a picture.  Several people turned theirs into Valentines.
Joan with her Valentine...she still wants to use a kangaroo picture she liked a lot.
Leann's piece, front.
Leann's piece, back...a Valentine.  Leann works with cigar boxes a lot (some of these lids came from Leann in a giveaway) -- I think maybe Leann is a little weary of seeing cigar box lids...but she was a sport and played along.  She did leave her piece behind, though...I think this may turn into a collaboration piece.
Jane and her piece.
Janice and her Valentine.
Peggy and her piece.
My first piece.  When I opened the old book we were using for wording, the chapter was to do with a stampede...pretty neat...I randomly opened to that page.
One of the snippets of wording.
The other one.
My second piece...altered yearbook page.
Peggy's piece, close up.  I really love the depth an dimension...she said it was all accidental...I like this a lot!
Janice's piece, close up...cute baby gorilla.
Jane's piece, close up...I love how Jane positioned the owl so that the crown is on his head...way cool.

Earlier in the day I attended a new committee meeting for a new project/artist opportunity with the Northville Art House...I will be heading this up.  Lots of good discussion and everybody had a lot of great ideas to share...super input.  This will be good.  More details after next week's Exhibit Committee meeting when things get firmed up.

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Sue Marrazzo said...

Thanks for sharing...NICE work!
Happy Valentines Day!

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