Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 57 - 365/2014

Day Fifty-Seven photos for today.  I had those three drafts to write...I actually finished one email and sent it on its way after spending literally eight hours on another hour and a half tweaking the final version into my own "voice" (with suggestions from a couple of people).  

Today I was totally incapacitated physically with leg edema and knee/leg/thigh/back is ridiculous how much I have been hurting.  I think it was caused by a combination of several babystepping trips across my icy driveway to the garage and back, babystepping in parking lots and then all the hours at the computer.  

I. am. NOT. a writer. by. choice.

Today was day three of struggling with the draft for a 3-party contract/agreement.  I have plenty of notes, two contracts to pull examples from, input and suggestions from the subcommittee...and still I just cannot do this on my own.  I know the direction I would like to see it take but honestly, it is just too much for one person to be responsible for.  Yes, it can be tweaked as needed.  Yes, the first exhibit will be the test for the project.  But I really need help with the wording of the actual documents.  I am fine with handling all of the day-to-day chores and activities and organizing of it and it was just that activity that I thought I was agreeing to...but not the darn contract/agreement writing.  I have to come to terms with this fact and I am good with needing to turn it back over to the subcommittee for collaboration.  Not angry, not defeated...I just know (and am willing to admit to) my limitations.  I gave it a really good try.  The end.

The last writing project will be a bit easier after my surrendering to the above mentioned thing.  I will get back to work on that tomorrow.

I totally understand that writing is a skill...a learned skill that requires constant practice and honing to keep up with.  It isn't that I am illiterate or that I can't spell or hate English or grammar.  On the contrary, I rather enjoy (or used to enjoy) all of that -- it was about the only thing I could stand in school.  But if you don't use it, you lose it and my focus has drifted to the making side of things over the last few years.  It is just where I am at this point and I am really enjoying it.  

I will complete the third writing task and get on to the rest of the project attached to it.  It will just take another whole day to do.  But the middle task -- the contract/agreement -- that I will not be doing solo.  Period.

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