Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day 53 - 365/2014 (updated)

Day Fifty-Three -- updated

The art order from Artists in Cellophane (Art-o-mat) arrived today!

The art order arrived!
Stuff I got.

This shipment's white boxes were packed inside of a larger box (they are usually bound together in a stack) -- and Twink and Bootsy were very glad about cardboard to chew!

Twink is a champion cardboard biter.
Look at those teefs!
I moved the box to the floor and Bootsy came by...
...Twink allowed Bootsy a couple of bites.

I ordered several series/artists I haven't had before...along with a few favorites.  I had to stop myself from opening more than two of the (new to me) Mark Bulwinkle fired terra cotta clay "paw prints".  Man -- are they cool!!!  (I just visited his website for the first time today -- oh geez -- I have another art obsession!)

I had to stop myself from opening more than two least eight will get into the machine at LIFT in Royal Oak!

And I was able to snag ten of Crystal Mielcarek's "Cuties" -- AND -- I randomly got the one I liked the most from this series...the beet!!!

Same thing goes for the Crystal Mielcarek "Cuties" -- luckily, my favorite was in this order (and I didn't even ask for it specifically -- how cool is that?!

All of the Art-o-mat artwork that arrived got me all enthusiastic to get back down to work on my Animal People collages today.  I actually did fifteen in one l-o-n-g afternoon...very unusual for me!  Here are some photos of the ones I finished last night and today's progress.  They are probably all going to still get phrases added to I am not totally done with any of them yet.

The Animal People collages from last night.
First short break time.
Sometimes the animal person is too large for the block, but most of the time the essence of what I liked about the head/body combination is still there if I crop it down.
What it looks like from the back.
Whew -- I am done for right now.  Because it is still pretty early in the evening I will probably go back to doing some more tonight.
UPDATE: 2:14 a.m.

Well...I did end up going back to work on the blocks.  I started at around 11 and finally had to stop at right around 2.  There were 20 of the first 50 to go and I just couldn't do anymore tonight.

I selected Animal People to go on the last 20 of the first 50 (of 100) blocks.
I gave all of them their collage elements -- I had to cut quite a few new images.  I ended up only getting 9 assembled before I just needed to stop for the night.
I stacked them all carefully into an Arto-shipping box and they will be safe until I can get back to them.

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