Monday, August 15, 2011

365 Day 227 (postponed one day)

entry postponed from yesterday

Yesterday I postponed doing a blog entry because I was just hurting too much after my initial physical therapy evaluation and session.

This morning I hobbled around Milford with Sue and her mother-in-law and snapped a few more landscape reference photos. MAN -- are these ever overexposed or what??? I may have changed the setting on this camera a few days ago and forgot to set it back...but no other photos have turned out like this...hmmmm. And then the one shot from my open car window is more natural looking...I don't know. I am only using them for basic shapes anyway...

shot for the street scene, buildings, perspective, etc.

in case I want to try to draw a wall or something

this is a bit more interesting to look at than my first batch of landscape test shots/reference shots

I was thinking it might be fun to do a linocut of grasses and things beyond them.

clouds for reference

Shot for clouds show me how close they are to the ground...shot unaimed and unfocused from my open car window.

Okay -- this is really, really what the Northville area colors look like...I'm not kidding. And when you turn towards the city itself and drive down 8 Mile towards my street I swear the colors are always really intense like super saturated all the time. There is something about the light in Northville...

Tomorrow I will go out to the place where Sue boards her horse and take some photos out there. Then we will go to this little park that has a pond and a path out to a gazebo thingy.

But TONIGHT (actually Tuesday, August 16) is another Experimental Art Night with Shaqe Kalaj at Art & Ideas Gallery in Plymouth!!! More later!

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